aluminum forging components

Pre-Production Samples

To reach the desired outcome of the aluminum forging process, as well as brass or copper forging, a pre-production sample is essential at the beginning of the process. In this article we’ll discuss what a pre-production sample is, why it’s important, and where it comes in during the forging process. 

What Exactly is a Pre-Production Sample?

A pre-production sample is designed for the purpose of analyzing the forged component to make sure the final product is where it should be. Construction, size, performance, and accuracy can all be tested during the pre-production phase. A pre-production sample is created before mass production of a metal component begins. 

Why Pre-production Samples are Important in the Aluminum Forging Process

Often, metal forging requires mass production of a specific metal component needed. Without a pre-production sample, the production of a product in large quantities could turn out to be a waste of time and money if the calculations or results are off even just a small amount. 

The pre-production sample can be used in two ways: First, the sample is a great way to show potential customers what forging can produce. Second, a pre-production sample is created when a new design is needed. 

The pre-production sample serves as a test for the new design, to see how it works. If there are any glitches, the design team sees them and can then make the necessary adjustments during the forging process, and again, create another pre-production sample until it’s exactly as it needs to be. Finally, mass production begins once the pre-production sample is perfected. 

In conclusion, without a pre-production sample, production could end up being a waste of time, and wasting time is also wasting money. The extra time and cost to produce a sample are well worth it to avoid mistakes during the final production phase. 

At Cerro Fabricated Products, we believe in the importance of the pre-production sample in the aluminum forging process and all of our metal forging processes. Our dedicated engineer manages new product development from start to finish and we implement APQP from the start, understanding our customers’ expectations. We are proud to stand behind the Cerro name through every step of the forging process. Contact Cerro and let’s discuss how we can help with your metal manufacturing needs