Pre-Production Samples

Pre-Production Samples

Cerro Fabricated Products, an aluminum forging company, knows that to make an aluminum, brass or copper forging to a desired fit, form and function, pre-production samples are essential before a part goes into production. In this article, we discuss what these samples are, why they are important, and where they are developed during the forging process.

What Exactly Are Pre-Production Samples?

Pre-production samples are made for the purpose of ensuring the part has the desired fit, form, and function in its end application and to make certain the part meets the expectations of the customer. They are created and approved by the customer before production begins.

Why Are They Important in the Aluminum Forging Process?

Without approved pre-production samples, the production manufacturing of a part could cause unnecessary scrap if the sample approval process isn’t followed.

They serve as a test for a new part to see how the part functions in its end use. If there are any fit, form, or function issues discovered in the samples, the customer can make the necessary design changes so that Cerro can produce another batch of samples until fit, form, and function are achieved. Production begins once these samples are pre-approved by the customer.


Without customer approved pre-production samples, production parts can potentially end up being scrapped. The extra time and cost to produce samples is well advised to avoid fit, form, and function problems before production.

At Cerro Fabricated Products, we believe in the importance of pre-production communication. A dedicated engineer manages new product development from start to finish. We implement APQP from the start in order to understand our customers’ expectations. We are proud to stand behind the Cerro name throughout every step of the forging process. Please Contact Cerro and let’s discuss how we can help with your forging needs.