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Choosing an Aluminum Forging Company

Choosing an Aluminum Forging Company

With so many forging companies to choose from, it’s tough to know where to turn when you need the right closed die forging for your application. In this article, Cerro Fabricated Products discusses a few helpful tips for choosing an aluminum forging company.


If you’re employed at a company that uses forgings already, or are considering using forgings for the first time, ask your peers what they know about certain closed die forgers. You also can read online reviews. A forging company that gets results and offers high-quality products and a track record of support becomes known for its excellent customer service.

Good companies ask questions and want to understand your needs. They’ll even suggest a completely different type of manufacturing process for your part if they feel it will suit your needs better. Look for honesty, integrity, and follow-up. Don’t choose a company that only promises fast results. Choose one that has proven itself to be accurate, thorough, and trustworthy.


Look for forging companies that meet the latest and highest industry standards. These companies will stay current with certifications. Certifications prove that the company strives for and maintains the highest standards in the industry.

Forging companies should have certifications, such as ISO 9001:2015, which shows customers that a quality management system is in place. To be ISO-certified requires continuous internal and external audits and inspections.


Every component has different manufacturing needs, as do customers. It’s important to remember that the engineering design time to develop tooling is a detailed and lengthy process. A credible company will provide a lead time for samples and production upfront during the quotation process. Lead time can also be affected by the alloy and diameter of material specifically designated for the part.

If a forger is not willing to provide lead times, you should ask yourself if this company really meet your needs.


This is the big question. How much is a forged part going to cost? Unfortunately, this question is impossible to answer until you discuss your part and your requirements with a potential forger. Keep in mind that the process is very detailed, meaning your choice of material, forge press type, size of part, and how many parts are produced in a production run will all affect price.

As you ask about price, make sure you understand the end-use requirements of your part. Some aluminum forging companies will not be able to perform certain requires for a part. Compare prices between several manufacturers along with their certifications, lead times, and customer service record. Cutting corners when choosing a forging company can cost you time and money.

The company you choose should have APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) in place to review the feasibility of producing your part to its required fit, form, and function. The APQP process helps the forging company understand your requirements, thereby giving you a more accurate price.


If you are a business that uses forged parts or is considering using forged parts, it’s essential to think long-term about your relationship with a forging company. Yes, you need parts, but you also need a company that will be there for questions, concerns, and answers to possible issues that need to be addressed. A good company has a reputation for immersing itself in your business in order to understand all of your needs.

Companies that simply manufacture and sell with no follow-up are the ones to avoid. A forging company that seeks to be involved by asking questions, stating their concerns, and checking in to make sure what they produce exceeds your fit, form, and function expectations are the best ones to choose.

At Cerro Fabricated Products, we believe in a lifetime partnership with our customers. This is our goal with each and every customer.