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Heat Treating Capabilities

Creating the highest quality components from today’s cutting edge aluminum requires precision heat treating equipment. Our own in-house capabilities for heat treating aluminum enable us to manage the entire process in a controlled environment on site. This integrated approach ensures optimal quality control.

Our heat treating equipment includes hardening platforms to T4, T6, T73 and T74. If you have custom heat treating specifications, we encourage you to provide these specs during the quotation process. By incorporating your unique specifications from the outset, we can customize our heat treating processes precisely to your needs. This proactive approach ensures we meet your exacting standards, underscoring our commitment to delivering customized solutions that exceed expectations.

In addition, our in-house process eliminates the risk of costly part blemishes that can be caused by transportation to and from outside heat treat vendors. With our streamlined operations, we are committed to delivering superior products efficiently and economically.

Above all, we pride ourselves on being a comprehensive one-stop solution provider. Specializing in the custom manufacturing of premium-quality aluminum and other non-ferrous components, Cerro offers a complete turnkey experience. Our capabilities extend across every stage of production, all meticulously executed in-house.

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