Advanced Product Quality Planning APQP at Cerro Fabricated Products

New Product Development

New Product Development for Forgings

At Cerro, we have a new product development team consisting of engineers, die designers, and production control employees who collectively manage all new parts from purchase order to sampling.

Our dedicated engineer manages this process from start to finish. He oversees the communication between internal departments so our salesforce can communicate project updates to our customers in a timely way.

Because Cerro implements APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning), we understand our customer’s part expectations on the front end of new product development. We communicate with our customers early on in the development and design process to ensure part forge-ability, part die life, and the ability to hold tolerances on a repeatable basis.

Once we determine the part design based on our customer’s models and prints, simulation is the next step, ensuring proper metal flow through the die cavities. After we complete the part design process and the part simulation is successful, we send our own CAD created models and prints to our customer for approval. When the part design is approved, we design the forge tooling and machining fixtures, if required. After the tooling design is complete, we manufacture the tooling at our own in-house tool and die shop.

Cerro has the capabilities to manage numerous new projects at the same time. Lead time for sampling will vary on the complexities of the part and with the shop work load at any given time.