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power sports

Aluminum Forging in Power Sports

Powersports is a subcategory of motorsports and include any vehicle where the participant isn’t enclosed, but rather sits in a saddle type seat.  Vehicles such...

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aluminum to be forged. Billet to forging options at Cerro

Benefits of Forgings vs Billets

Forgings are grain oriented to the parts’ external contours for improved mechanical properties: Stronger, improved fatigue resistance and less susceptible to stress corrosion cracking.Forgings yield...

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aluminum forging

Choosing a Forging Company

With so many forging companies, it’s tough to know where to turn when you need the right closed die forging for your needs. In this...

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specialty metal component

Forging vs. Casting, Billet, or Extrusion

Casting vs. forging vs. billet vs. extrusion are all methods of manufacturing metal into desired parts and components. Each process has its own benefits, and...

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aluminum forging components

Pre-Production Samples

To reach the desired outcome of the aluminum forging process, as well as brass or copper forging, a pre-production sample is essential at the beginning...

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