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About Us

About Cerro Fabricated Products – An Aluminum Forging Company

Cerro Fabricated Products (Weyers Cave, Virginia) is a closed die manufacturer of , brass, copper, and bronze aluminum forgings. We have in-house machining, tool & die and heat treat capabilities to provide a full turnkey part including partnering with local outside vendors for any finishing work. Our goal is to be a one stop shop for your non-ferrous forging needs.

We supply a range of complex parts to customers in demanding markets throughout North America. Our team is renowned for its ability to solve our customer’s biggest challenges creatively and to deliver high quality parts with short lead times.

Precision Machining at Cerro Fabricated Products

Cerro expertly machine our in-house brass, aluminum, and other nonferrous forgings, as well as billet material parts up to 10” in diameter. Our facility boasts over 20 advanced machining centers, ensuring impeccable quality for even the most stringent demands.

Armed with state-of-the-art, automated multi-axis machining centers, we deliver results with unparalleled precision, whether for simple tasks or intricate 5-axis machining challenges.

Serving a diverse clientele, our partnerships span across industries like crossbows, electrical components, marine equipment, and oil and gas. Trust CFP for precision and quality in every endeavor.

About Our Process

In an effort to streamline and become more efficient with processing machined forgings through our factory, all of our machine operators are trained to be their own inspectors to ensure the highest quality.  The operators also pack their own parts right at the machine which saves time and cost rather than having the parts handled a second time at a final inspection station.


Special custom packaging is available at Cerro too.  Whether you need ranked, layered and separators, bubble bags, special wrap or reusable boxes, Cerro can help with your packaging needs.

A Proud Part of the Marmon Group

Cerro Fabricated Products has been part of the Marmon Group of companies since 2008. As part of Marmon, we get all of the benefits of a large, successful corporate parent while enjoying the freedom to manage our company with our strong entrepreneurial style. This means we can focus on developing outstanding creative solutions for our customers while also making strategic investments in key growth areas our competitors simply can’t match

Marmon owns Cerro Fabricated Products an aluminum forging company.